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Learn how to build your startup yourself, even if you haven't written code before.

Class Schedule


Thursdays from September 5th to November 14th 2013


7:00 pm ~ 8:30 pm


Eastside Incubator, Redmond, WA

Your Instructor

I'm Benjamin Curtis, and I've been building Rails apps since 2005. In 2006 I wrote an ebook on building ecommerce systems in Rails, and I presented at the first RailsConf. I have helped hundreds of Rails developers kick-start their development with RailsKits, and I have built many applications on Rails, including Catch the Best,, and

If you want to learn Rails so that you can build your own web application, you should register for my Rails course.


Learn in a class setting with personal help

Learning on your own is great — it's cheap and it's convenient — but there are drawbacks. Keeping up your motivation is hard, and what do you do when you're stumped? StackOverflow has tons of answers, but it doesn't help you know the right question to ask. In this course you'll be surrounded by peers who share your quest to learn Rails. You'll get one-on-one assistance, moral support, and quick, expert answers to any question you have or roadblock you encounter.

Test your idea without breaking the bank

Yes, you can get a freelancer or an agency to build your app for you for $30k or so... or you can save that expense until you really know what your customers want. You don't have to be an expert developer to get a bailing-wire-and-duct-tape version of your app up and running so you can see which parts of your idea work and which ones don't. Rails makes it easier than ever before to build a prototype of your application. Combined with a design layout like Twitter's Bootstrap or ZURB Foundation, your prototype can be in front of potential customers or investors in no time.

Go beyond the code

There's more to your app than just the code that is in it. How do you get it deployed? You'll learn what you need to know not only to build your application but also to run it. There's no point in learning Rails if your app never sees the light of day. You'll learn about what options you have for deployment, and which option makes sense for you.

What about testing? Clicking through your app all the time to make sure nothing got broken with the code you just added is old school. These days it's all about having automated tests that exercise the various parts of your application so you know right away when something breaks. You'll get up to speed on choosing a testing framework and building a test suite for your application.

Get a turbo boost

There is a ton of freely-available code out there that you can use to jump-start your app. Learn how to find ready-made resources you can add to your project to save weeks of development time, and become familiar with the tools great Rails developers use to manage their projects. And if you haven't used git before, you're in for a treat. :)


Now is the time to get your idea out of your head and in front of the world. Buy a ticket today and get started! There are three types of tickets available:

  • Student - $1,000 - Get your ticket to all ten sessions
  • Student with Installation Session - $1,300 - Attend all the sessions and get a one-on-one session with Ben before the class starts to get the Rails development environment installed on your laptop
  • Student with Extra Credit - $2,000 - Get the 10 sessions and two extended sessions after the class to get one-on-one help from Ben on building, deploying, and scaling your application

These classes are limited to 20 people, so sign up soon or risk missing out!


Benjamin Curtis
Tesly, LLC
11410 NE 124th Street, #246
Kirkland WA 98034